China Shanghai CIIC International Training Center launch their ATHE endorsed programme

China Shanghai CIIC International Training Center have recently launched their accredited ATHE endorsed programme, The Management of Family Affairs Household (intermediate) – British Butler.

Shanghai CIIC International Training Centre, a training institution in education and development are affiliated to China International Technology and Intelligence Cooperation Co., Ltd. (CIIC) and are directly under the Central State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. 

Shanghai CIIC International Training Centre are established with the approval of Xuhui District Education Bureau as a non-degree education and training institutions.

During the past 30 years, CIIC has been deeply engaged in vocational training, corporate training and language training, and has long been committed to various cross-cultural communication and exchange activities at home and abroad, providing comprehensive training and employment services for enterprises and individuals.

After decades of commercial training, CIIC has relevant education and training systems in various training fields. Based on the values of integrity, respect, fairness and professionalism it has formed a reputable brand in the market.

Family affairs management is a special family organisation and construction activity centred on improving the quality of family life, which covers organization, decision-making, direction, coordination, research, and implementation.

Traditionally the family affairs management in China mainly includes housework, diet arrangement, family environmental sanitation, family safety, entertainment, finance and economics, family investment management.

The Management of Family Affairs-Household course adopts modern technical methods and tools, keeps up with international standards, improves the efficiency of family management and reduces the burden of labour.  This follows the principles of institutionalized family management, so that each family member consciously abides by the principle of family value.

It aims at harmonious family relationship with virtue and quality living, to improve the overall happiness index of the family.

The Management of Family Affairs-Household course training has always been carried out around the British butler service system.

The teaching adopts the methods of speech, simulation training, role-playing, video teaching, on-site guidance, theoretical learning, and much more. With a new concept of international perspective, the top secret of high-end service, covering all aspects of butler service and management technology; industry resource integration, industry elite gathering; famous teachers gathered, outstanding teaching ability; China’s butler training cradle, founder and pioneer of butler service; butler training teacher certificate has attracted much attention and recognition.

The Management of Family Affairs-Household course is suitable for family service practitioners to learn and help them complete the certification course.

The close integration of education and labour employment not only improves the skills and professional quality of the learners, but also helps the learners solve difficult employment problem.

On the one hand, the low threshold of the industry, the lack of professional talents, the lack of market awareness, and the uneven quality, have led to a certain degree of dislocation of supply and demand, and shortcomings in terms of quantity and quality.

This programme supports the industry as a whole, which currently presents a situation in which it is difficult to recruit, manage and retain people.