Become an ATHE Centre

6 Reasons to become an ATHE Centre

  • Improved reputation: Becoming recognised by ATHE can enhance a centre’s reputation and demonstrate its commitment to delivering high-quality education and training programmes.
  • Access to quality assurance: ATHE provides robust quality assurance procedures to ensure that its recognised centres are delivering education and training programmes of the highest standard.
  • Increased opportunities for students: ATHE recognition provides students with a wide range of opportunities, including the ability to study online in the UK and internationally, and progression routes with a range of university partners, and gain professionally recognised qualifications.
  • Improved employability: ATHE recognition can help students to become more employable by providing them with qualifications that support the development of employability skills and are recognised and respected by employers.which can help the centre to provide better education and training opportunities to its students.
  • Increased funding opportunities: Becoming recognised by ATHE provides centres with the opportunity to access funding for eligible ATHE qualifications from various sources, including government funding and student loan programmes, helping centres maximise their investment in teaching and learning resources for students.
  • Flexible teaching and assessment: centres and learners benefit from qualifications that have no fixed start and end dates; can be delivered online, through blended learning or in the classroom; have portfolio-based assessments without fixed exam timetables; and can be centre assessed and externally moderated remotely – thereby suiting both full-time or part-time study at college, in the workplace and at home.

What ATHE qualifications provide for learners

  • Vocationally relevant qualifications which are directly related to management roles in a range of business sectors.
  • Qualifications of different size and level in order to meet individual needs.
  • Continuous assessment so that learners complete their studies progressively without the need for final examinations.
  • Internationally recognised qualifications which are on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) for England and Wales and aligned to other international frameworks worldwide.
  • Increased opportunities for employee mobility.
  • Progression from one level to another within ATHE qualifications and to university degree programmes, with study opportunities in the UK and overseas.

What ATHE recognition provides for centres

  • Qualifications which are controlled by the Office for Qualifications and Examinations (Ofqual), a non-ministerial government department in the UK which regulates qualifications.
  • Support materials to assist tutors in working with learners.
  • Advice and guidance from experienced practitioners at ATHE, which is provided promptly to address the needs of centres and their staff.
  • Value for money in relation to learner registrations, staff training and support.
  • ATHE qualifications are offered in over 50 different countries.
  • ATHE’s Ofqual Recognition.

Request the Fee Structure relevant to your country, please click here

Become an ATHE centre

The ATHE Centre recognition process is the same for non-UK centres as for UK centres, except that the Centre Recognition Quality Assurance is usually conducted remotely by the External Quality Assurer.

You will receive additional support from your assigned External Quality Assurer in the form of guidance on the documents required, as well as other communications to discuss extra support where necessary.

If you have any queries regarding the recognition process or our products and services, please contact ATHE.

UK Visa Sponsorship Rules

Please note that the rules for UK visa sponsorship state that jobs for workers with a Tier 2 (General) or Tier 2 (Intra-company Transfer) visa will usually need to be skilled to Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) Level 6 and above. For example job titles and tasks please follow the link provided.

Progression Routes

ATHE’s progression routes are a key part of its offering. Many learners use ATHE qualifications as a route into degree top-ups in the UK and internationally. All of our progression routes are available to learners who are awarded with ATHE qualifications.

Please note, recognised centres may not use the Universities logos and the Universities names must only be used when promoting ATHE Progression Routes.

The Timeline

Takes around 20 minutes


The first step is to complete the application form using the button above. If you have all of the information to hand it should take around 20 minutes. There is the option of providing the required documents at this stage. Please provide as much information and documentation as possible as this will save time requesting them later.

Pay initial fee
This is payable within 30 days

Pay fee

When your application has been received, we will invoice part one of the centre recognition fee for the Centre Recognition Quality Assurance Check to take place – a payment link is provided on the invoice as well as our bank details should a transfer be of preference.

To request the fee structure relevant, please click here.

Credit Check
2 working days

Credit Check

ATHE will perform due diligence checks including a credit check on your business.

Centre Recognition Quality Assurance Check
10 days after all required documentation is provided

Centre Recognition Quality Assurance Check (CRQA)

We will assign one of our External Quality Assurers (EQA) and they will contact your centre directly to begin the quality assurance process.
The aim of the Centre Recognition Quality Assurance Check to ensure your centre is able to deliver, assess and quality assure ATHE qualifications to the required standard in line with OFQUAL regulatory requirements.
The EQA will also help and support your Centre to ensure that everything is in place to start delivering the qualifications once recognition is granted.

The CRQA check is usually arranged within 3 working days from receipt of payment and completed within 10 working days. The CRQAs can be conducted remotely or on site dependent on your location and availability of the EQA.

At the end of this process a report will be produced and sent to you based on the findings of the review. There may be action points for your centre to complete as a result of this process within a stated deadline.

As an ATHE Centre you are required to have documented policies and procedures in place to meet the ATHE quality assurance requirements and to provide guidance for your staff and Learners, so they understand what is required of them and how you deliver qualifications and programmes.

Remainder of Fee
Payable within 30 days

Remainder of Fee

You will now need to pay the remainder of the Centre Recognition fee.

Centre Agreement Signed
2 working days

Centre Agreement

You will be sent a Centre Agreement via DocuSign an electronic document signing service. This will need to be signed by yourself and ATHE.

Prior to Centre Recognition


As part of your ATHE Centre Recognition you will be required to attend an ATHE training session. We organise these on a monthly basis an invitation will be sent shortly after your recognition has been confirmed.

Centre Recognition Complete
2 working days

Centre Recognition Complete

We will issue your centre with an ATHE Recognition certificate which will last for a period of three years.

More Questions?

Please make sure you have read the Delivering ATHE Qualifications Guidance and our Centre Assessment Standards Scrutiny Strategy.

If you have more questions regarding the delivery of ATHE qualifications then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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