Training and Support

ATHE is committed to supporting the development of its centres and provides a range of support materials and services including training videos and bespoke training delivered at the centre as well as open courses. If you would like to apply for bespoke training online or at your college please contact us.

If you would like to discuss training in more detail, or you have additional support needs you are welcome to arrange a conversation with our Head of Sales and Business Development.

The areas that ATHE offers training in include:

  • Educational Oversight
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies
  • Assessment and Standardisation
  • Quality Assurance, (Including Internal Verification)
  • Helping Learners to Succeed
  • Feedback on centre devised assignments
  • Learner Recruitment and Induction
  • ATHE Policies and Procedures
  • Developing and Implementing Effective Malpractice Policies

Training Videos

In the Training section of the Centre Portal you will find a set of training videos that provide guidance on each key stage of centres’ engagement with ATHE.

  1. How to Register Your Learners
  2. Assessment
  3. Achieving Merit and Distinction Grades
  4. Effective Internal Quality Assurance
  5. Preparing for ATHE External Quality Assurance
  6. Submitting Your Learner Results

Centre Visits

During your time as an ATHE centre you will benefit from a variety of different types of visits:

  • Centre Quality Assurance Visit
  • Monitoring and Development Visits
  • Training
  • External Quality Assurance

Supportive Documentation

We have assignments for centres to provide learners as well as a bank of support material including suggested resources, teaching & learning guidance, qualification specifications and other support material.

All of ATHE recognised centres can access these documents by logging in to the ATHE Portal and clicking on ‘Qualification Guidance‘ on the first page.

Learner Transfers

Centres that have learners on other qualifications that wish to transfer to ATHE qualifications will have the opportunity to map the learning they have already achieved.

ATHE provides template documents and written guidance on this process, covering Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Credit Transfer and Exemptions. Please see our related policy for further information.