Study an ATHE qualification and gain UCAS Points for University entrance!

ATHE learners can study the following ATHE Level 3 Qualifications and on successful completion of these gain UCAS points supporting progression to University.  ATHE have agreed progression routes with a wide range of university partners in the UK and internationally – to view the full list of ATHE qualifications with progression routes, please click here.

How ATHE L3 Qualifications can support your route to university

Model for Level 3 Business

Model for Level 3 Computing

Model for Level 3 Accounting

Model for Level 3 Law

In addition, the full suite of our ATHE Level 3 qualifications attract UCAS points, enabling a wide range of University entrance opportunities.  For the full list please follow the link:

The IAP Qualifications:

The IAP qualifications are a flexible suite of qualifications designed for learners looking to:

  • Progress to a university degree programme in the UK or internationally
  • Progress to employment
  • Progress to a higher-level apprenticeship
  • Change career or improve career progression.

The IAP suite comprises the following Level 3 60-credit diplomas [click on the links to access the specifications]:

How the IAP Works:

  1. The IAP provides a menu of 60-credit diploma options to meet individual preferences and provide breadth in learning.
  2. The number of diplomas a learner chooses to study can vary depending on their ability and career aspirations.
  3. The professional learning in each diploma is related to the modern business world.
  4. Assessment is undertaken internally by the college or school and this is done through the completion of assignments set for each diploma.
  5. The diplomas incorporate Study Skills which are needed to support progression to higher level learning and are valued by employers.

On successful completion of one of the ATHE IAP qualifications there are a number of progression opportunities.

Learners may progress to:

  • employment or have increased opportunities for progression in their current role
  • larger qualifications at the same level e.g. ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Business and Management
  • a higher level qualification e.g. an ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Business and Management
  • a university degree in a related subject

To view our ATHE progression routes with universities, please click here.

Depending on learners’ progression needs, a cluster of IAP diplomas might include:

  • progression to a Finance related degree programme, by choosing:
    • The Level 3 Diploma in Accounting combined with the Level 3 Diploma in Applied Statistics [120 credits in total]; and adding the Level 3 in Business to set these studies in a wider organisational context [180 credits in total]
  • building on Business experience and changing a career path, by choosing:
    • The Level 3 Diploma in Small Business and Social Enterprise Start-up [60 credits]; with potential exemptions to achieve the Level 3 Diploma in Business [120 credits in total]; and adding the Level 3 Diploma in Information and Digital Technologies for tech-enabled businesses [180 credits in total].
  • progression to HE or employment as an International learner, by choosing:
    • The Level 3 Diploma in English and Communications for Business [60 credits] combined with the Level 3 in Business [60 credits]; and adding a further subject specific such as Accounting or Health & Social Care for the chosen course or sector [180 credits in total].

Study Skills Integral to IAP Qualifications:

All of the qualifications in the IAP suite develop study skills to prepare learners for progression to Higher Education, a level 4 apprenticeship, to support lifelong learning and/or enable learners to improve their effectiveness in the workplace.  Examples include planning; oral and written communication skills; organising and time management; gathering information, note taking and summarising; and the application of IT skills.

How to apply:

If you are a not yet a ATHE recognised centre, but are looking to deliver ATHE Level 3 IAP qualifications, please complete the contact form here.

If you are a recognised ATHE recognised centre looking to add ATHE qualifications to your centre portfolio of ATHE qualifications, please raise a support ticket via the ATHE Centre Portal.