Qualification Development

ATHE can accredit a programme of learning, adding value to the learning experience. If you are an employer, college or training provider, your programme can become an Ofqual regulated qualification using ATHE's qualification development services.

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The Process

1 For a no-obligation chat with one of our members of staff about qualification development or endorsement you can either call us on 01603 760 030 or request a call-back using the form to the right.

2Once we have a better understanding of your requirements and have answered any immediate questions you may have, we will send you a form to complete that requests more details on your course such as its purpose, market need and intended progression routes.

3At this point we will provide a fixed quote for the development costs and further registration fees. If you decide to continue, then we will prepare a project plan which will include timescales.

4The ATHE Head of Qualifications will remain in regular contact with you throughout the process to ensure the product meets your needs. Once this is complete ATHE will formally accredit/endorse the qualification/programme.


Examples of our work

ATHE has worked closely with a wide variety of organisations in different sectors to develop existing and new programmes into qualifications.
These programmes have been in different areas of learning and at a range of levels and size of programme.

Our work with a Professional Body....
The Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) where level 3 qualifications in research administration and management were developed in partnership with ATHE. ARMA is a professional body which represents people working in the research administration departments of universities. ARMA identified a need for a qualification which could be offered to members and reflected the professionalism of research management and administration and the increased stature of people undertaking these roles in their organisations.
Marie Garnett, Head Professional Development at ARMA said, 'ATHE worked with me to ensure that ARMA's Level 3 Certificate in Research Administration was in the correct format and language for it to be accredited by Ofqual'. The ATHE Head of Qualifications was excellent - extremely quick to grasp our aims and punctual and clear in her feedback.'
Our work with an Independent Teacher Training College...
An independent teacher training college based in Gateshead approached ATHE after identifying a need for learners to receive a regulated qualification after completing their studies.

They had been offering courses to learners successfully for many years. The task was to produce a regulated qualification which accurately reflected the intended outcomes of the existing programme of learning.

After developing the ATHE Level 3 Certificate and Diploma in Torah Studies ATHE is now working with this college to develop a qualification for teaching assistants.
Our work with Further Education Colleges...
ATHE is working with a large General Further Education college to recognise qualifications the College has developed in business and customer services and health and social care at level 2 for delivery overseas. These qualifications will be delivered across Africa and India to a wide range of learners so it was important to develop the qualifications in a way which met the needs of learners in a range of situations.
Our work with Distance Learning Colleges...
Online Business School provides learning programmes to both individual learners and satellite centres around the world. ATHE worked with OBS to develop Diplomas in Computing at level 4 and 5. As these qualifications were for learners using a range of study modes, including in the classroom and online, it was important to develop individual units which allowed learners to achieve irrespective of their learning situation


ATHE believes that learning should meet the needs of participants, developing their knowledge, understanding and skill. This will lead to personal and professional benefits for the individuals involved and help to meet the commercial or charitable aims for any sponsoring organisation.

for an organisation

  • Offering nationally recognised qualifications as part of your human resource development programme will help your organisation improve its profile and attract a higher class of workforce.
  • It helps to motivate participants with the opportunities for self- development and achievement.
  • The qualifications can be tailored to meet the needs of an organisation so that the learning is directly relevant to business development plans.
  • We offer a bespoke service in order to meet the needs of individual clients.
  • This service is suitable for both large employers who offer training programmes to their staff as well as other organisations that identify demand for a new qualification.
  • ATHE are regulated by Ofqual who report directly to Parliament and the Welsh Government. The qualifications may be listed on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), which gives learners greater mobility. The EQF has equivalencies with other qualifications frameworks across the world.

for the individual participant

  • The learning demonstrates to employers an individual’s desire and commitment to know more and to improve their qualifications.
  • Developing knowledge, understanding and skills can lead to increased job performance, career prospects and personal growth.
  • Provides a recognised external benchmark of an individual’s knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • Achieving a qualification may provide entry to higher level qualifications.
  • Learners will be able to make an increased contribution to their organisation and the wider economy.