Policies and Procedures

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 Delivering ATHE Qualifications Handbook
The Delivering ATHE Qualifications Handbook includes guidance to support centres when teaching and assessing learners. For international centres, please read the Delivering ATHE Qualifications in International Centres Handbook

Policies and Procedures

Guide for Centres Use of ATHE Qualification Titles and Logo
This document provides full details on how to promote ATHE qualifications online and offline.

ATHE Invoicing Policy
The Invoice policy sets out how ATHE will ensure invoices are issued in a timely manner and provide a breakdown of any fees charged.

Conflict of Interest Policy
This policy aims to draw attention to the possibility of conflicts, minimise or prevent the conflict occurring, and manage conflicts that have arisen.

Direct Claim for Certificates Policy
This document provides the criteria centres need to achieve before they will be considered for Direct Claim Status.

Data Protection Policy
This policy is to ensure ATHE complies with current data protection legislation in its dealings with
centres, learners and other parties.

Enquiries and Appeals Policy
The enquiries and appeals policy is intended to ensure that any appeals received by ATHE are dealt with quickly, fairly and effectively.

Equality and Diversity Policy
This policy covers the principles of diversity and equality for anybody developing and using ATHE products and services including ATHE staff, centres and learners.

Customer Service Statement
This document contains our commitment to achieving high standards of customer service.

Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration Policy
ATHE aims to facilitate open access to ATHE qualifications for learners who are eligible for reasonable adjustment and/or special consideration in assessments, reasonable adjustments and special considerations must not compromise the standards for the assessment of skills, knowledge, understanding or competence being measured.

Assessment of ATHE Qualifications in a Language Other Than English
This policy states the criteria and procedures to be followed when qualifications are assessed in a language other than English to ensure the qualifications remain valid and comparable across the different languages.

Maladministration and Malpractice Policy
This policy is aimed at learners and centres who are involved with ATHE or use ATHE products and services. It outlines what constitutes maladministration and malpractice and how any reported cases will be handled. 

Complaints Procedure
The aim of this procedure is to ensure a consistent, open approach to addressing complaints, in a manner facilitating conciliation and a timely resolution.

Qualifications Withdrawal Procedure
This policy specifies the process ATHE and centres should undertake in the event of a qualification withdrawal to best protect the interests of learners and centres.

Replacement Certificate Procedure
This procedure gives instruction to learners and centres on what steps to take in the event of a
lost/damaged/misspelt certificate.