COVID Impact – Adaptations to Assessment in 2021/2022

We wish to continue to support centres and learners in line with the direction set by the Department for Education and information supplied by Regulators. With continued uncertainty over the scale and longevity of Covid’s impact globally, we want to restate that ATHE qualifications can be delivered flexibly with remote working and online engagement and at a pace which meets the needs of individual learners and tutors.

Wherever possible it is important that centres continue with and complete assessments according to the curriculum plans, either within existing flexibilities or with adaptations agreed with ATHE in line with our Adaptations to Assessment Policy [].  This will ensure assessments can be banked in the portfolio of evidence, in preparation for external moderation or verification.

However, we also wish to re-emphasise that centres should approach ATHE with any concerns over their learners’ ability to complete their studies in the months ahead, so we have full understanding of individual circumstances and can take appropriate action.   This should be done without delay, so that we are able to support centres and learners in a timely manner.