ATHE’s Upcoming Webinars: Book Now



* Please note there is no longer any space available on the upcoming webinars. They will be recorded and you can request a copy of these recordings by emailing*

ATHE is pleased to provide information about our next three upcoming webinars, which will take place using online conferencing software. They will be led by Regional Standards Manager, Marie Garnett and are designed to offer additional support to centres delivering ATHE qualifications. These webinars are free to ATHE centres but places will be limited, so please register your interest in participating and book as soon as possible. The webinars will be as follows:

11.00am GMT 13th September 2017: Planning Learning, Teaching and Assessment for ATHE Qualifications. This session is intended for centres that are new to the delivery of ATHE qualifications. You will gain greater understanding of ATHE qualifications, the range of progression routes for learners and the key factors which impact on planning programme delivery and assessment. You will have the opportunity to consider plans which have already been produced and to engage directly with Marie asking any questions that are relevant to your organisation.

11.00am GMT 28th September: Assessment and Grading Aimed at our more established centres, this webinar will focus on the different aspects to assessment including graded qualifications. New centres may wish to participate in order to build on what was learned in the first webinar delivered on 13 September.  The aim is to further develop assessment practice, across the grade profile so that assessor judgements are valid and reliable. The webinar will be relevant to assessors and internal verifiers

11.00am GMT Date 10 October: Quality Assurance and Internal Verification This webinar will help centres to understand the role of different quality assurance and internal verification processes in ensuring the quality of the learner experience. The webinar will assist in the development of robust IV systems to ensure there are valid, reliable and consistent assessment judgements.