Replacement Certificate

 You can verify an ATHE certificate to check it is authentic by using our Certificate Verification system.

Please fill in our online Certificate Replacement Form on the right. If your name is misspelt, please send in your original with your details. It will take 5 working days to replace the certificate following receipt of the certificate replacement form and supporting documentation.   

Certificates are sent directly to the address on your replacement form, subject to approval from your centre.

In order to replace your certificate, please fill in all fields correctly or it may cause a delay in your application.

Before you fill out the form...

  • The replacement fee of £30 may either be made by cheque (payable to ATHE Ltd), card or by bank transfer (please ring the office for account details).
  • You must use the payment reference provided by ATHE, this will enable us to deal with your request as swiftly as possible.
  • The attached document is required and must be either a copy of your passport or driving license.
  • If you are requesting a replacement due to a print error you must also return your original certificate by post to the ATHE office with an explanation note containing your full name date of birth and centre you studied at. 
  • Please note, ATHE do not issue replacement certificates that are still being held by your centre. 
  • The replacement fee is non-refundable and will not be returned if your replacement is declined.

University Progression Routes 

ATHE facilitates the university application process completing our comprehensive support package. You can view the list of all our university partners:


Replacement Form