Could opening satellite centres be the answer to expanding your business?

athe satellite centres What is a satellite centre? ATHE’s recognised centres are able, if they wish, to take on satellite centres. In doing so, the lead centre may benefit from increased revenue and can use the satellite centres to encourage more learners to attend their centre after studying at the satellite. The lead centre will manage the quality assurance of their satellite centres, ensuring the qualifications are delivered, assessed and internally verified to a high standard. If appropriate, the satellite centre can use the policies, procedures and guidance of their lead centre, making their recognition process more straightforward and less time consuming. They can, of course, have different policies and procedures for some aspects of its work if they wish, but as far as the delivery of ATHE qualifications are concerned, the centre works to the exact same standards required by ATHE of the lead centre. How do satellite centres get approved? To become a lead centre and take on satellite centres, you must be meeting the highest possible quality standards. You can then submit our Satellite Centre Recognition form and the documents below:
  • CVs of staff who will deliver, teach and assess qualifications in the satellite centre
  • Evidence to show how the lead centre monitors the satellite centre’s assessment, verification, malpractice and quality
  • Evidence of physical resources in the satellite centre
  • Centre application form
  • Evidence of how learners will be enrolled and registered
  • Evidence of a contractual relationship with the lead centre
Once the satellite centre is approved, they will receive:
  • Centre recognition pack
  • Access to sample assignments, teaching and learning guidance and reading lists
  • Checking service for any centre devised assignments, which centres may use to ensure relevancy of learning and assessment
  • Sample policies and procedures
  • Remote video training and support with teaching, assessment and administrative staff in satellite centres
  • Access to the ATHE international webpage which contains training materials, information and advice
  • Online support with queries as they may arise
If you would like to find out more about becoming a lead or a satellite centre, please do not hesitate to contact ATHE at your earliest convenience.