ATHE’s work with Limkokwing University

Limkokwing University offer a “Global Campus Programme”.  This is delivered in London over an intense one-month period to students who have travelled from other universities around the world.
Limkokwing Learners

Limkokwing learners presenting their business idea

The programme is designed to provide students with a short, but intense UK and Western orientated stimulating and career enhancing experience and expose students to creativity at an industry level. Whilst the programme already had the recognised brand of Limkokwing. The University’s international branch campus in London wanted to bring additional validity to the programme from an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation. ATHE undertook an endorsement exercise and reviewed the programme content. The result was presented to the University as a series of judgements on what ATHE believed the Learning Outcomes to be as well as whether these outcomes would be of value to learners, employers and the wider economy.  ATHE was not accrediting the programme but rather endorsing the learning which was taking place. The message included judging that participants in the programme gained an “Informed understanding of the role and potential of the creative industries in facilitating social and economic transformation”

Learners after achieving their ATHE certificates with Joshua Jones – Chief Strategy Officer of ATHE

The programme was also recognised for its potential to “Enhance a range of key personal and professional skills to strengthen the learner’s global employability.” ATHE was able to provide certificates of attendance to the learners who successfully completed the programme of study. The Chief Strategy Officer of ATHE, Joshua Jones also attended the first two ceremonies and awarded learners with their ATHE certificates. If you are interested in ATHE’s endorsement services then please contact us.