Level 6 Business and Administrative Management

ATHE Level 6 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management


Key Features

The Level 6 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management is a 120 credit size qualification that outlines how organisations plan their activities at a strategic level, how they implement these plans, how they ensure the smooth running of the organisation, and how this maximises competitive advantage.

The core content of this qualification is for those entering a strategic level of management with a key emphasis on making that progression from an undergraduate to a graduate mentality, including an understanding of the research skills and personal development expected of a senior manager.

Units within this qualification
Title Level Credit GLH
Strategic Management 6 20 80
The Dynamics of Leadership 6 20 80
Management Information Systems for Business 6 20 80
Advanced Finance for Decision Makers 6 20 80
Marketing Management in Business 6 20 80
Customer Focus for Strategic Advantage 6 20 80
Leadership Skills 6 20 80
Managing Risk in Business 6 20 80
Level 6

Difference between Diploma, Certificate and Award...

All qualifications on the RQF have an assigned credit value which reflects the size of the qualification. Qualifications that are 12 credits or less are called, "Awards," those that are 13 to 36 credits are "Certificates" and any qualification that is 37 credits or more is called a "Diploma".