ATHE’s Exciting New Qualifications Announced For 2018


We are pleased to announce that between now and the end of 2018 ATHE will be releasing a suite of fantastic new qualifications.

We will be releasing new qualifications at levels 4 and 5 in Law. They will support progression to the final year of an LLB (Hons) programme at a recognised higher education provider (HEP). Qualification units are being developed in line with the requirements of the Qualifying Law Degree and reflect content covered in the first and second year LLB programmes of a number of HEPs.

ATHE progression routes allow learners to continue on to a range of universities

Additionally, following feedback from centres we will be undertaking a review of the level 4 and 5 qualifications in Management. Each unit is undergoing a formal review to ensure content is up to date and meets the needs of learners. As well as this, new grading criteria will be applied. Each unit and the overall qualification will be graded pass, merit or distinction, supporting progression to L6 qualifications and onto top-up degree programmes.

As an integral part of this qualification we plan to offer an additional suite of optional units in the programme. Successful completion of these units will allow learners to progress to the final year of a degree at a university in the United States of America. This is an interesting and exciting development and we look forward to welcoming learners onto the revised qualifications next year. There will be three sizes of qualifications; Subsidiary Diploma (60 credits), Diploma (120 credits) and Extended Diploma (180 credits).

We have also recently developed three new qualifications in Jewish Studies in collaboration with a consortium of organisations and these are now listed on the Ofqual register. They are:

  • ATHE Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma (180 GLH) equivalent to 0.5 A level
  • ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Jewish Studies (360 GLH) equivalent to 1 A level
  • ATHE Level 3 Extended Diploma in Jewish Studies (720 GLH) equivalent to 2 A levels

These qualifications are designed to give learners a greater understanding of the Jewish faith and its rich history and includes units such as; Jewish Prayer, The Five Megilot, Contemporary Halacha and Jewish Philosophy and Ethics. These qualifications are on Section 96 and may be delivered as part of other study programmes. You can find out more and download the specification here.

Several more releases will be announced in the early part of 2018, so please ensure you keep in touch with us about them by emailing You can deliver these qualifications by becoming a recognised ATHE centre. You can start the process here.