Delivering Learning Provision at a Distance


As we enter uncertain times worldwide, we know that governments have closed schools, colleges and universities and many organisations are working remotely. We understand that learners will need to complete their qualifications at home.  The following information will be of assistance:

  • There is no longer a requirement for centres to follow statements in specifications which limit the way learning can be delivered. For example if the specification states that learning is delivered face to face in the class room, it can now be delivered remotely.
  • Learners can submit work for assessment on line or via hard copy and this can be assessed in the normal way for return to the learner with appropriate feedback and judgements. Assessment judgements will be recorded as per existing practice.
  • We can help centres to promote studying ATHE qualifications and the relevant degree top-up programmes at home or online. This is in line with Government legislation both in the UK and internationally. Online learning can be delivered using specific platforms or via technology such as Skype and remote classrooms (e.g Moodle). Assignments are written electronically (or hard copy and scanned) and submitted to the centre in the same way, then following the same assessment and internal verification process as a classroom-based centre.
  • Over the coming weeks, we will send out electronic marketing pieces on the ATHE centres and progression pathways that offer online options. As part of this, we would be very happy to promote our centres and all that they have to offer, both on our website and through our email marketing.

If you would like to take advantage of this, please send key messaging and imagery to Natalie on If you do not currently offer online learning, but would like to do so, please get in touch.

We appreciate and understand that there may be factors that mean you are unable to deliver online learning. If there is anything additional we can to do support you at this time, please let us know.