ATHE working with Central European Institution of English and American Studies (CEAS)

1606963_448411698621333_1026842809_nIn 2012, CEAS decided to develop a relationship with ATHE as it would support their mission to address the gap between theory and practice, prepare learners for the ever-changing business environment and help them with career progression. CEAS found that ATHE’s assignments and unit content gave learners practical opportunities to apply learning to real situations which occur in organisations. In addition, there are opportunities for a flexible mode of delivery which meet the needs of different types of learners. At CEAS, there are full time learners who may be fresh from school and older learners who wish to improve their knowledge, skills and qualifications and are typically part time and learn online. In Hungary, while the majority of education providers heavily emphasise knowledge, only few of those cater to learners’ ambitions by providing classes based on case-studies and practical scenarios rather than textbooks.Learners at CEAS
“Learners find ATHE qualifications novel due to its practice-oriented and case-study approach enabling learners to relate to current events.“ Gregory Toth, Quality Assurance Coordinator at CEAS
After reviewing their options, CEAS decided to apply to become a recognised ATHE centre in order to provide learners with internationally recognised qualifications in business management and management for travel and tourism and these ATHE qualifications have now been delivered at CEAS for 4 years. CEAS quoteDuring this time, CEAS has developed a close working relationship with ATHE.  It can articulate the needs of the organisation and learners and knows that ATHE will consider them and act accordingly, ‘an always-open line of communication is one of the most important aspects of ATHE services’, Ferenc Galgozi, Principal, CEAS. ATHE sets high standards and this impacts on the performance of its centres. There is a range of professional support available in terms of training and other materials for staff to access.  These are updated regularly in order to meets the needs of centres, staff and learners. If you are interested in working with us and becoming an ATHE centre, then please contact us for further information.