Business Development Associate

Job Title:        Business Development Associate

Reports to:     Head of Business Development

Purpose of Job

The Business Development Associate’s role is to encourage educational institutions to become ATHE recognised centres, to guide them through the recognition process and support them in their endeavours to enrol learners once recognised. Reporting to ATHE’s Head of Business Development, you will aid centres with their business and marketing strategy to boost the number of enrolments and increase the number of recognised centres in your area. Approaches to universities for progression opportunities and governmental ministries for regulatory approval are also encouraged.

Principal Accountabilities

With support of, and reporting to, ATHE head office:

  • Identify prospective ATHE centres and cultivate relationships with them, feeding information back to ATHE head office at the appropriate stages.
  • Support prospective centres through the recognition process.
  • Continue to support recognised ATHE centres with their business strategy and marketing plans.
  • Communicate regularly with ATHE head office to ensure the best possible service is being provided to prospective and current ATHE centres.
  • Provide monthly progress reports on work undertaken on behalf of ATHE.
  • Act as an account manager for centres within your geographical location, continuing to support them with customer services queries and business strategy.
  • Make approaches to universities within your geographical location, working with them to map ATHE qualifications against their degree programmes.
  • Make approaches to governmental ministries and regulatory authorities for approval of ATHE qualifications.
  • Undertake research and inform specific marketing from ATHE.

Application Process

Interested candidates should send their CVs together with a covering letter outlining why they feel well-suited for the role to Karen Hawes, HR Co-ordinator at ATHE, Clarence House, 6 Clarence Road, Norwich NR1 1HH

Telephone: 01603 760030