ATHE Qualifications

ATHE qualifications portfolio includes awards, certificates and diplomas from level 3 to 7 that are the culmination of expert input from colleges, industry professionals and our qualification development team.

ATHE also has partnerships with many UK and international universities providing opportunities to progress to Bachelors and Masters degree top-ups. You can see your progression opportunities on our flow chart here.

You can download promotional materials for these qualifications here.

If you would like to discuss our qualifications or becoming recognised in more detail, you are welcome to arrange a conversation with our Head of Business Development.

Please note that the Travel and Tourism qualifications are currently off Register and under review, pending updated release in the first quarter of 2019.  Centre interest welcome to inform our review.

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Key features of ATHE qualifications include:
  • units that are common to different sectors offering the opportunity for learners to move between sectors, or delay decisions as to which area to specialise in
  • a range of units that can be used for professional development for those in employment, or for learners who do not have the time to undertake a full time programme
  • flexible methods of assessment allowing tutors to reflect the most appropriate methods for their learners
  • 10,000

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