ATHE Learners Praised at UK Versity Graduation


Last week, UK Versity held their annual Graduation Ceremony for the 2017-2018 academic year. Exit interviews with learners at UK Versity suggests that 98% of the graduating learners have either secured a job, or have enrolled into a Master’s degree programme to further progress in their careers and studies.

ATHE were pleased to attend the ceremony with CEO, Alex Birks and Head of Systems, Ben Jones visiting Manchester in order to give their best wishes and congratulations to the graduates. Alex states:

“In another strong year for UK Versity over 90 graduates completed and achieved an ATHE qualification in 2017/2018 across various specialisms including Business Management, Health & Social Care and Computing. These achievements continue to present excellent prospects for University progression and UK Versity remains the only recognised centre in Manchester that is approved to offer all ATHE qualifications via classroom and distance learning routes to learners globally. I am delighted to see the quality learner outcomes that the UK Versity team delivers and am keen to meet the graduates and staff at this celebratory event. Having joined ATHE as CEO during the period I look forward to continuing to build on this success and to forging a strong working relationship between our organisations for the long-term.”
UK Versity Graduation

ATHE learners graduating from UK Versity were also visited by Councillor June Hitchen, Lord Mayor of Manchester, who spoke candidly about the importance of education for Manchester’s future and congratulated the learners on their achievement:

“I’d like to congratulate all of the students, from around the globe, celebrating their graduation. Lessons and skills learnt through further education can form an important pathway to fulfilling individual potential. The students should all be very proud of their accomplishment and I wish them every success in their future careers.”

If you would like the share the success of your learners with ATHE, or arrange for representation at your graduation ceremony, please contact Natalie in the first instance on