ATHE’s new meaning for acronym and new website

ATHE has now changed the meaning of its acronym to “Awards for Training and Higher Education.” We have taken this decision as we believe it more accurately reflects our offer to centres and their  learners and clearly states what the letters ATHE stand for. We also believe that this change will help prospective learners to more easily understand the purpose of the qualifications they are planning to study. The clarification of the acronym also addresses requests for explanation from external agencies such as QAA. Please note our legal name ATHE Ltd has not changed. After a review and consultation with staff and centres the ATHE Marketing team have also redesigned the website. Key differences include:
  • The new domain name –
  • An updated menu layout
  • More imagery with less text-heavy pages for easy reading
  • An improved Centre Map for finding ATHE centres
Whilst most of the information can be still be accessed in all the same areas we have adjusted the layout of our qualification pages and also have new email addresses like

The existing website and all email addresses will continue to work, however we request that all colleges linking to ATHE should use the new domain name.