ATHE’s support for international centres is “remarkable”.


At ATHE, we pride oursevles upon offering the highest standard of support to our centres, both those based in the UK and the many international centres who are recognised by us around the world. We understand that becoming recognised with a British Awarding Body when you are based internationally can feel daunting, so we do all that we can to make the process as straightforward as possible.


Bernadett Dekany. Associate Professor at CEAS

Bernadett Dekany of Central-European Institution of English and American Studies, Hungary, has recently shared her experience of recognition with ATHE. She tells us:

“We chose to begin delivering ATHE qualifications as we have always considered the British education system as highly prestigious and student-focused. ATHE’s system of external verification serves as an additional layer of quality assurance, which gives credit to our programme delivery and assessment practice.

“Their process of assessment allows for a high level of creativity in delivery and assessment for the teachers, whilst also maintaining the formal standards set by the assessment criteria. We also found that the flexibility of timing utilised by the curriculum was welcomed by students.

“We had high expectations of the recognition process and found it to be just as we had expected; the steps were easy to follow and the supporting documents were very useful. The assistance of ATHE staff is also remarkable; they guided us through the whole process with constant feedback.

“As a recognised centre, we are now provided with significant support in our marketing activity by ATHE. Centres have access to a wide range of promotional material as well as support to help build local and international partnerships. I personally found ATHE’s training days particularly fruitful, not only in terms of development, but also for networking and learning from the best practices of other centres.

“The design and review of qualifications actively involves current centres, teachers and assessors, providing opportunities for input, interaction, mutual understanding and advanced preparation.

“ATHE’s assessment practice is transparent and consistent. We knowing exactly what is expected from students and assessors alike.

ATHE’s qualifications respond to current market needs. Assignments build on real business scenarios and generate familiarity and good performance that can be called upon once the learner is employed.

“The structure of the units and their overlaps are systematic which makes planning the curriculum, progressively developing the lessons and cross-referencing the content smooth and logical.


Learners at CEAS

Our learners enjoy the qualifications’ flexibility and the choices they can make with regards to pathways. Being able to select their own companies for analysis gives them an excitement and responsibility which they cherish.

“I would recommend ATHE to international centres. Having ATHE’s reliable and prestigious accreditation behind you, along with the professional and pedagogical creativity you will no doubt have developed over the course of your career makes the perfect combination to enhance your educational portfolio.”

If you would like to become recognised by ATHE, you can begin the process here or you can get in touch with us to discuss the process in more detail.