ATHE’s Authentication Programme with CCPA in China


Recently, the CCPA programme (Certificate of Competences in Public Accounting for Global Accountants/Tax Agents/Finance Officers) was run in China for the second time.  Students from different regions in China including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Henan and Yunnan took part and achieved great results.  All of the students were successful and gained ATHE certification.  They will now be able to apply their increased level of financial knowledge and skills, in the businesses where they are employed.

Completing the CCPA programme is demanding and time-consuming and a quick, but also high-quality, certification system was needed in order to release certificates as soon as possible.   ATHE is pleased to be able to meet the client’s requirements.  ATHE prides itself on understanding the customs of different countries and communication methods; factors that have been vitally important to CCPA.



Mr. ZHANG Cheng, CEO at Shanghai Finance and Talent Information and Technology said that:

“The next step of CCPA will be enhancing financial and tax talents, knowledge, structure and competence in this innovative era’…. In the days of a global internet we must ‘take precautions in the use  of this technology, along with data technology and artificial intelligence. With the assistance of ATHE we have gained an international layer of quality assurance and our students are pleased with the high qualities of the verification system”

ATHE endorsement can be appropriate for learning programmes where learners do not necessarily require a regulated qualification, but where external certification of completion can add value. If you are interested in ATHE’s endorsement services then please contact us.