ATHE and Coronavirus


Recognised Centres will have received my communication earlier in the week advising of ATHE’s contingency arrangements, to ensure business continuity during the Coronavirus outbreak.  All of us at ATHE send our best wishes to you and your teams for continued good health.

In summary, ATHE is following a structured contingency plan and we moved our office team to home-working from the 24th March until further notice.  This approach has also been implemented for our associates with activities such as external verification and qualification development being conducted remotely from home.

The change to home-working and remote activities has minimal impact on ATHE’s normal working practices.  Office functions can be reached via the usual email addresses and phone number (+44 1603 760030).  Certificate production and dispatch, post and invoices are currently being handled on a weekly basis supported by single colleague visits to our office.  We are closely following Government directives and will move to digital certification in the interim and cease office visits when appropriate.  In anticipation of this we ask that any written communications with ATHE are sent by email rather than post to enable remote processing.  As well as your usual ATHE contacts, emails can be sent to

Many of our recognised centres already deliver ATHE qualifications through online learning and we are keen to promote this and support other centres who wish to move online for their teaching.  With ATHE qualifications primarily assignment based, we anticipate that the majority of learners should be able to complete their studies at home and submit their work remotely to centres for assessment and internal verification.  The process for submitting learner results to ATHE via the registration portal and providing access to learner work electronically for external verification remains unchanged.  The next section provides further guidance on remote training and assessment.

We appreciate that you will be busy implementing your own contingency arrangements to maintain provision for your learners.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can offer any guidance and support and we will do all we can to help.

With kind regards,
Alex Birks,